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  • Here’s the big secret about how it works. Every relevant, targeted, long-tail, keyword calculated using the ‘keyword golden ratio’ formula has less than ten exact-phrase matches competing for it on Google! And most KGR keywords have 30-250 RELEVANT searches per month. This adds up fast!
  • Imagine ranking on the first page of Google page for one keyword. Then realize this can be scaled up into something real. Why not try for 5, 10, or 30 page one rankings in a month yourself? Now imagine having a team!
  • I’ll show and share everything you need to build a real authority blog as affordably as possible. It is practical and realistic to use this data to rank for hundreds and even thousands of page one rankings. Our team has done it and now that client is a top site for traffic in the world. Suddenly you too may have a real authority site or blog earning Google Adsense or affiliate income plus an email list. Easily paying your rent or mortgage with it, and likely much more!


– And as my customer, I will help you every step of the way to take the next steps to succeed with your business. – Ryan Arnfinson | Owner & CEO of Digital Specialist Co.

Own A Massive Advantage Using

The ‘Keyword Golden Ratio’…

There’s a mathematical formula you can apply to determine the likelihood of Google page one rankings quickly. It works amazingly well there’s proof below!

FYI, We’ve Taken Care Of All The Math For You. Keep Reading Until The End.

Time Must Be The Reason More SEOs Are Not Doing KGR Right? Because KGR Research Takes Extra Work?


Doing KGR math is not too hard. And we are happy to show you the exact method step-by-step in our complete 100% FREE ebook.

  • I believe as SEOs we are 100% crazy not to do this with direct proof it works for my business and our $5k/month client too! After ten years of knowing, I finally applied it myself and the results are literally wonderful!
  • With any active account and only fifteen to thirty minutes per keyword (most likely for beginners), you can discover these golden keywords too.
  • We encourage you to learn to apply it to your business ASAP. If you can rank on Google page #1 consistently – imagine how much closer you are to meaningful growth and success?


  • We’re talking about likely millions of high-quality relevant searches – each with not even ten sites for you to compete against these keywords.


  • Get consistent, sustainable, long-term targeted traffic to your authority site, blog, e-commerce brand, and for local SEO clients too!


  • If there’s a legitimate way to acquire Google page one rankings fast, and you and I are alike, then you are driven to be in the best possible position to impact your financial situation. Our data and service are for you. And I don’t say that lightly let me show you.

Full Disclosure: You Can Expect Consistent Page One Results In 2-4 Weeks On Average Which Is Amazing! 6-8 Weeks Realistically If Your Website Needs A Minor Tune-Up – Still Excellent!

Instantly Recieve THE EXACT KEYWORDS That WILL Rank Quickly In Only Proven Niches Every Month? This Is Real SEO Power Available At A Far Lower Cost Than The Actual & Potential Value!

Is It White-Hat? Yes, 100%. You Only Need A Quality Website, Content, And Backlinks To Rank Like Traditional SEO Keywords.

It takes Serious time and money to find KGR Keywords but they are worth 10-1000x ROI Each. Now Get All the Specialized KGR Research you can handle Served Up Fresh. 100% DONE FOR YOU!


  • I believe as SEOs we are crazy not to use KGR keywords at the core of their business with direct proof it works for my blog and our $5k/month client too! After ten years of knowing this, I finally applied the keyword golden ratio myself and the results are literally wonderful!


  • You are giving Google everything it wants now and forever. Quality in the form of E.A.T. Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness. This is REAL SEO. Page #1 rankings must exponentially increase your authority in Google and make it easier to rank for higher difficulty keywords too!


  • Wish I had THIS membership sooner myself! After 15 years of learning and doing SEO the traditional way – now uncovering this hidden treasure trove of FUTURE-PROOF ‘keyword golden ratio’ long-tail keywords. What an incredible opportunity for anyone who ever wanted Google page #1 rankings!


  • This is the best possible white-hat advantage you have within SEO that you can even sell as a high-ticket service to clients.


  • With KGR now in my sales presentation, my confidence and passion for SEO and ranking on Google page #1 is much stronger making it easier to sell. While we have found plenty of KGR keywords for all local SEO and e-commerce brands, so far!


  • Your keywords are already waiting in the membership area with fresh updates every week. We will always fulfill our end and you can reach out to us directly for help. We are providing a service, not just a database, and our goal is to always ensure your happiness with our value and helpfulness.

6 Powerful ‘Keyword Golden Ratio’ Use Cases

How Can Give You The Best Possible SEO Advantage

  • ‘Use Case #1 – Bloggers’ – Choose one or more of the 28 massive online niches perfect for Adsense and affiliate authority blogs included in your membership.
  • ‘Use Case #3 – Authority Blogging Network Builders’ – If you are building any sort of website network page one rankings will make your end product much more valuable and effective.
  • ‘Use Case #5 – Full-Time SEOs’ – Present your employer with new page one rankings to justify a raise or team promotion much easier. That is what I would do if I was not my own boss, because of my natural confidence with SEO.
  • ‘Use Case #2 – Freelancers’ – Prove your SEO skills with direct results. Ranking for page one keywords raises your game above the competition for SEO jobs. Proving live page one rankings with KGR is a great way to specialize in SEO and get noticed.

  • ‘Use Case #4- Digital Agencies’ – Get help from us with Keyword Golden Ratio research your clients. Or give them our free guide to get trained up. Your confidence at sales will grow, you can also charge more and will increase client retention.
  • ‘Use Case #6 – Anyone With A Business’ – If you want stable and targeted long-term traffic landing on your ecommerce brand, or authority blog KGR is for you. We have found relevant KGR page one keywords to increase overall online authority for local business too.

It Really Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This! Here Are The Exact Keywords To Use That WILL Rank Quickly!

It Takes Serious Time And Money To Find KGR Keywords But They Are Worth 10-1000x ROI Each. Now Get All The Specialized KGR Research You Can Handle Served Up Fresh. 100% DONE FOR YOU!

Seriously Consider That Achieving Google Page #1 Rankings Consistently Can Quickly Open A Lifetime Pathway To New Opportunities!


Now You Too Can Dominate Google Page One The SEO Gold Standard MUCH Faster AND Easier Than Ever Before!


  • Having earned page one rankings (and fast!), as a freelancer you can show your SEO skills more directly to help you get many jobs faster. You do well to SHOW your knowledge with SEO, as a Google page #1 ranking is the standard metric by which all others are measured.


  • Why not commit to build your own passive income business ? You now have access to page #1 rankings from keywords that lack even ten direct competitors. That’s powerful and if you mean to grow your business in a meaningful way related to SEO, do this!


  • I hope you understand by now that a single page one ranking is worth more than the traffic it brings, too. Showing proof of real results gives you full confidence. It’s hugely motivating with a feeling of real success! Plus, you KNOW you can charge higher prices for your services. When my client saw we ranked FOUR articles on Google page #1 in one month, he was super pumped and we are discussing increasing his SEO budget this week!



  • I am living it by doing keyword golden ratio research for multiple personal business projects and selling it to clients regularly at $2k-$5k/month. Need a full KGR SEO plan? No problem, we can rock it for you!


  • After about ten years of knowing about this form of keyword research, I finally jumped on the opportunity, and if you are an SEO or working with an SEO team, trust me when I say you should too!


  • No good at content? I’ll show you exactly who we use in our digital agency, and some amazing free and paid software to create high-quality content quickly, and where to get real backlinks too. Plus, of course, thousands of golden delicious KGR keywords to start ranking on Google page #1 in no time!


KGR Keywords Can Easily Be Worth10-1000x Return On Your Investment!

KGR is truly golden in the digital space, my new friend. Because when there are page # 1 rankings there is traffic. When there is traffic there are conversions. And conversions mean there is money to be made and plenty there for everyone!

It’s all actionable, 100% real, and currently working with verifiable results.

Want Proof Of Google Page #1 KGR Rankings?

1) Blog (4 New Google Page #1 Rankings In One Month!)

We ranked four new additional articles on page one in the last ONE MONTH and sent 460 new targated real visitors to our client’s business! Every KGR keyword ranks on page one fast as there is decent authority and lots of traffic already to the site.
Anytime you can get relevant keyword phrases to page one, and send almost half a thousand new visitors to a client in one month, even if all are not “buyer keywords” (a keyword with commercial intent), it adds to the website’s overall authority. This helps all keywords rank better, but also puts your expertise on full display for the best overall reason in SEO. Removing any future doubts from your client’s mind while simultaneously increasing retention of your services.
Source: Digital Specialist Co. – keyword tracking (includes desktop and mobile ranking for three of the new four page one keywords)
1. 14 Keywords Tracked (the remaining keywords will likely jump on to page one soon!)
2. September 30, 2021 – October 31, 2021 – KGR SEO campaign duration
3. Keyword rankings on September 30, 2021
4. Keyword rankings on October 26, 2021
5. Total US search volume.

2) Blog (2 New Google Page #1 Rankings In One Month!)

We ranked two new additional articles on page one in ONE MONTH and 180 new blog visitors to our own blog! I hope you understand we do not want to give away much about our keywords to keep some advantage. Though we are nearly on Google page #1 for our main keyword as site authority grows faster once organic traffic begins to grow powered by the keyword golden ratio.

Source : Digital Specialist Co. – keyword tracking (includes desktop and mobile ranking for two new page one keywords

3) Client Magazine Blog (1000’s Of Google Page #1 Rankings From KGR Keywords!)

Check out our client’s results built up over two years of doing KGR SEO. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the URL but you can see how this search volume is adding up! This project is a top 100,000 site for traffic in the world with the vast majority of traffic coming from KGR keywords! This client now has serious authority and solid income from this project!
Source : Client’s keywords in Ahrefs.

4) Client Insurance Blog (100’s Of Google Page #1 Rankings From KGR Keywords!)

TAKE ACTION NOW. Get 100% FRESH Page One Keyword Research DONE FOR YOU!

Introducing Page One Keywords

by Digital Specialist Co.

Special thanks to Dan Cunnington and friends the inventors of the KGR Method! 👍👍

The Ultimate Done-For-You Page #1 Keyword Membership That Brings Incredible Value To Every Aspect Of Your Online Business

Page #1 Rankings Are The Gold Standard & Now You Can Realistically Achieve Them Quickly. Open Virtually Unlimited Opportunities By Proving Your SEO Skills. Suddenly Success Is Closer Than Ever Before!

Membership Benefits:

Get instant access to 280 KGR keywords per month in your Essential plan.
All KGR keywords come from 28 mega popular niches (massive demand)!
Quickly gain access to hundreds then thousands of KGR keywords!
Keywords are always 100% fresh! (No old or recycled data EVER.)
– 100% downloadable KGR keywords (Original Master Speadsheets)
There’s an abundance of “gold” available for everyone using this data.
Every keyword already has less than 10 competitors in Google!
– Take advantage of our amazing support team for SEO advice anytime.
You are receiving access to exclusive raw data – sorry no refunds.
We are here to support every step of your SEO journey!

Current Page One Keyword Niches Available:


Acne and Skin Care



Baby and Maternity

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Books and Fiction

Business and Career

Cameras and Photography

Cars and Vehicles

Cooking and Recipes

Crafts and DIY

Diet and Weight Loss

Digital Marketing and MMO





Gardening and Lawn Care


Makeup and Beauty

Martial Arts

Music and Instruments


Pets and Animal Care


Technology and Gadgets



We discover 100% fresh KGR data from 2800+ relevant sub-niches!

KGR Is A Virtual Gold Rush Of Page #1 SEO Nuggets.

All Page One Keywords Have Less Than Ten “Allintitle” Search Results. You Are Guaranteed To Have Less Than 10 Competitors For Each Keyword!


Get Going. Do Not Overthink. It Is A Business. Choose One Or Two Niches Maximum And Dive Deep. Hyper-Focus On Your Brand, Offer, And Audience With A Quality SEO Approach.


  • With SEO, success starts and ends with your keywords. It’s not rocket science and I value your trust. Let me show you how to make a living online, work from home, start your own business, etc.


  • SEO is a stable, long-term traffic source with high-profit margins for digital agencies. It can also essentially be a “free” marketing channel not counting your own time when choosing to do SEO yourself.


  • Do-it-yourself SEO using these KGR keywords and a ‘big picture’ long-term approach in mind is 100% okay to do and I respect it. Now it is more affordable, realistic, and easier to commit than ever by using these real page one keywords.



  • Just a few resources are required to optimize your authority blog such as domain name and website hosting. No worries! I will point to legit and genuine excellent value or free resources, and only what you need to build it up as a real business. You can use free platforms to prove your Google page #1 rankings to SEO leads and prospects.


  • Over time, you will learn amazing real-world tips on how to scale up SEO systems and leverage a team to vastly increase your productivity. And to implement additional digital marketing channels to expand your business. Imagine getting the leading tips and essential time hacks from a team who is doing it and honestly want your success.


  • I am an atypical person in terms of my generosity, experience, and expertise so you do well to take me up on it. Happy to give you some valuable time and the next steps if you are committed to succeed. This is a real business. We will be around for a very long-time! And we will never disappear or become unaccountable. That is my personal promise and is guaranteed!

Having The Exact Page One Keywords Earlier In My 15 Year Online Business Journey Could Have Drastically Improved My Confidence As An Entrepreneur Overnight!

Save Yourself Years Of Stressful & Painfully Slow Online Business Growth! If You Want To Earn From SEO Clients Or Passive Income (Or Both!) Take These Keys To Building A Sustainable SEO Business! For SEO The Best Solution Will Always Involve Page One Keywords. Problem Solved! 🗝️

A Personal Message From The Owner of ❤️

Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Ryan Arnfinson and it’s good to meet you here! Please know that I will completely earn your trust based on my quality and integrity as a person. And I appreciate your benefit of the doubt by reading so far.

Beyond ranking on Google page one, the best value proposition is my honest, authentic, and dedicated leadership in the digital marketing space (working from home, making money online, etc.).

Ask anyone ever in my life if I’m a good human being and they will say yes. I am genuine, trustworthy, and honestly care to help by providing real-world value that can make a positive difference in your quality of life. While realistic Google page one keywords are just the start of our working relationship.

My plan is to completely blow you away with both our data and professional high-end service at a very low cost. As an agency, our motto is to under-promise and over-deliver and you can expect the same from your membership.

We can sustain offering high-quality data and service easily because we are doing it successfully for a living with our own multichannel marketing projects and digital agency clients.

My experience includes sell high-ticket SEO and full multi-channel campaigns on Zoom calls all week long currently, and brings you 15+ years of hands-on digital marketing and sales experience with a lifetime commitment to leadership excellence.

About the ‘keyword golden ratio’, there are likely millions of golden page one keywords and massive untapped search engine real estate available if you get in right now. There are so many KGR keywords available that we could never use them all ourselves.

Your entrepreneurial path can provide you stable income in many ways resulting from Google page #1 rankings. Our mentorship will be real and customer support is amazing, so you may assume there will be expert help until you succeed.

I appreciate your consideration, and please let us know any questions, or how we can help.

Thank you,
Ryan Arnfinson
CEO | Digital Specialist Co.


25 Henry Lane Terrace
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5A 4B6 

Ph: (647) 979-2252

P.S. As A “Very Special Bonus”, One Day I Would Like To Show You 21 Super Cool New Dance Moves But For Now, Please Click Here To View My Professional SEO Resume. 🕺🏿🤣

Maybe You’re Asking… Can I Just Do KGR
Keyword Research Myself?


We Encourage You! It Is A Powerful SEO Skill To Have. Get ‘The Essential Guide To Page One Keyword Research’. Simply Join Up To Gain Instant Access To This 100% FREE Gift!


  • If you have the SEO knowledge and keyword research currently (and the time) to do this work then most advanced SEOs could find one KGR page one keyword in 5-10 minutes each. Intermediate SEOs perhaps 10-30 minutes per page one keyword. And beginners about 30 minutes or more per page one keyword.


  • If this is not your current skill level, our super affordable membership is just right for you. Even if you are an advanced SEO, you likely do not have time for more keyword research. Even page one keyword research! Think about that because page one keywords are really the entire point of SEO in their own way.


  • You will also need an active Ahrefs or SEMRush account to begin KGR research prior to completing the manual component. We strictly use Ahrefs because it has the largest keyword database and is most widely considered the most accurate tool for keyword research.

There Will Be A Moment When Doing The Work To Achieve Google Page #1 Rankings That You Realize You Have Real Skillful Authority & Way More Opportunities!


Do-It-Yourself SEO. Lay The Foundation Of Google Page #1 Rankings Using KGR Page One Keywords In 1-2 Niches And It Is Almost Impossible Not To Succeed. What Is Your Definition Of Success?

What is a single Google page #1 ranking worth to your self and business now?

KGR Is A Virtual Gold Rush Of SEO Data


Use The Most Essential And Legitimate SEO Advantage Possible.
The Exact Keywords To Rank Consistently On Page #1!


  • No matter what your skill level – you will have arguably the hardest and most important aspect of SEO success already done for you. And so naturally, a much easier and more enjoyable time getting results which can add up to a real lifestyle or career change with the financial rewards from your commitment to building an authority blog using page one keyword-based SEO. Join up.


  • The pricing is a small no-brainer monthly investment, folks, honestly worth 10x-1000x the amount if you only apply it. Consider the time it saves to do this KGR research manually, to get the best possible results consistently for any authority blog, plus the fact you can leverage page one rankings into a work from home career or full-time salary job, if that’s what you would like to do.

  • Whether it’s a side-hustle long-term project, more freelancer opportunities, a salary job raise, added digital agency value with higher-ticket prices, or your own business rocking SEO Google page one rankings reliably and long-term you have found serious, real-world value that can positively change your life. What do you consider your calling to be? Is it connected to success online? If yes, then do this for sure.

Want Golden Page One Keywords In The Next 5 Minutes? No Problem.

Check Out These Options

  • Claim your essential FREE KGR SEO training and FREE KGR keyword of the day. It’s 100% free to join and safe to do so. We will give you our best tips via email and our FB group. Lots of honest, real-world, helpful value that you have not see before.

  • Essential Plan – 280 KGR page one keywords per month. 10 per niche! (280 KGR keywords – $27/month)

  • Advantage Plan 1,2,3 – Add on 30/60/90 hyper-targeted KGR keywords to your Essential Plan from our featured ‘Sub-Niche of The Month’ collection. ($17, $27, $37)

  • Receive instant access to your membership & KGR page one keywords.

  • Dominate SEO!

Total Number Of Essential Memberships Available Is Strictly Limited. Take Action. Get In Now!


Multiply The Number Of Keywords Below By 28 Every Month!

KGR keywords from all plans are delivered to you using the system above.

1. Claim your FREE ‘Step-By-Step Guide to KGR Research’ ebook and get a FREE KGR Keyword every day! (Included in all plans).

Gain 100% free instant free access to our ‘Step-By-Step Guide to KGR Research’ ebook plus we’ll include one 100% FREE KGR keyword per day in your membership. Sign up for the amazing free value and stay for the expert mentorship, training, and resources to ensure your success.

2. Join up to The Essential Plan including 280 KGR page one keywords per month.

For anyone wanting an authority blog or to improve current SEO skills this is for you. Here there is excellent page one keyword data to apply and get results fast. Forget get rich schemes and do it right. Build a real and sustainable business you can monetize in multiple ways. Get there much faster with Google page one keywords! ($27)

3. Choose to upgrade your Advantage with 30/60/90 additional KGR Keywords from our ‘Featured Niche of The Month’!

Looking to dive deep faster into your niche? We get all our KGR keywords from 2800+ sub-niches of the 28 main niches above. Each month we add 30/60/90 KGR keywords for select members to our ‘Featured Niche of The Month’. Now you can further segment your audience to provide super targeted SEO content within each niche. ($17 – 30 KGR keywords / $27 – 60 KGR keywords / $37 – 90 KGR keywords.

4. Or choose your 100% EXCLUSIVE ‘Authority Niche Page #1 Blueprint’.

Our premium KGR keyword research service offering 100% EXCLUSIVE niche keywords per month. Reach out to us and claim your niche. (30 KGR Keywords – $297/ 60 KGR Keywords – $397/ 90 KGR Keywords – $497 per month )

5. Receive Instant Access To Your KGR Page One Keywords

After your purchase, check your email for a link and instant access to our secure membership platform. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to add you to our KGR Google Sheets database. Though we do so often in a few minutes. Kindly sign up with your best email to ensure smooth delivery of your membership access. Need a bit of help? No worries. Please email us at

6. Do It Yourself Or Hire Our World-Class Agency. Dominate SEO!

Every business can benefit from Google page #1 rankings. bloggers, freelancers, ecommerce brands, local businesses, digital agencies, any business at all. Whichever direction you choose let us help solve all of your page one keyword problems. For more about our full SEO plans, please contact us here or at


The Only Membership Giving Actual Page #1 Keywords & Training To Grow Your Online Success In So Many Ways


Starting an Authority Blog? Want To Power Up Your Freelancer Business or Digital Agency? Take Our Free Course. Want KGR Research Done For You? We Can Help.


  • A niche authority blog business model has relatively low monthly costs, and minimal risk involved. It is an investment in your future that takes work and commitment but at least now you have the Google page firepower to get targeted traffic easily and all on your own.


  • As an entrepreneur, getting Google page one results consistently (and relatively fast) naturally means more as proof of real results for your self and family, and/or your future clients. Anyone in your life who questions your dream of working from your laptop. More importantly, the voice of doubt in your mind instantly fades away.


  • Meanwhile, I will also show you how to be a digital expert so once you have established page one rankings you can grow your brand, and optimize your conversions. Whatever your definition of those they may be. It’s your choice!



  • The key to your success is to focus on 1-2 niches. Focus on building a brand with authority. Our membership gives you this focus then removes 99% of your competition.


  • Thin sites and weak SEO does not make it to page #1. You must commit to a niche authority site or blog to succeed in today’s world of SEO. It’s this simple.


  • Use every legit competitive advantage means directly applying the power of these golden keywords. The best part is we will guide your business to success. You can do-it-yourself. You can build a team. Or, you can hire us!

Check Out These Valuable Bonuses Included In Your Membership 100% Free When You Join Us Right Now:


Free ‘Step-by-Step Guide to KGR Keyword Research’ Ebook

Exclusive Facebook Community Access & Digital Specialist Training

Pre-Organized Desktop Folders To Help You Start A Blog Quickly

Tutorial Resources To Help You Set Up & Launch A Successful Blog

SOP Resources To Help Systematize & Track Your Blog

Free Commercial License (Use These Keywords For Your Clients!)

Special Launch Pricing Only Available For A Limited Time! Get Started Now!

Real Client Testimonials

Plus Inside (Soon) You’ll Be Able To Learn:



Get to know about Content, Technology, Traffic, and Conversions. The 4 Pillars of Online Business.



How to start a side-hustle freelance gig and do local lead generation. Simple services to sell and fulfill, or get fullfilled automatically for you.




Get to know about Content, Technology, Traffic, and Conversions. The 4 Pillars of Online Business.




How to start a side-hustle freelance gig and do local lead generation. Simple services to sell and fulfill, or get fullfilled automatically for you.




Tips on all aspects of running a professional digital agency. Planning, hiring implementing, operating, fulfilling, reporting, marketing, lead gen, and sales plus more.




Tips on speed to market plus tools and hacks to rapidly  speed up creating your 4 Pillars of Online Business.




How to find awesome and affordable talent with no platform fees., and it’s not Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or




How to create an ‘Authority Resume’ and leverage software plus marketing to create too many opportunities. A good problem to have!




Take your ad targeting to the next level by considering the widest and the deepest possible audience in your campaign creative and copy.




Organize and track your own project and client assets using free tools and cloud storage in the most efficient way possible to save time and lower stress.



And So Much More!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:


Is KGR ethical?

Yes, this is 100% legitimate white hat SEO. Or I would never even think of offering it as a product and service. I couldn’t live with myself and despise shady businesses!

Why are there no refunds?

There are no refunds to help prevent anyone who would take advantage of the us and the data. Plus you cannot actually return it. You are receiving the raw KGR keyword data in 100% downloadable spreadsheet form. If there are download issues we will help promptly to resolve them. No worries, I promise you. Feel free to try our customer service team at before purchasing, or call me directly at +1 (647) 979-2252 and I will be happy to help reassure you by answering all of your questions.

How long will it take?

An authority blog is not a magical solution that will result in succeeding over night. It is a real business that uses relatively fast Google page one rankings with a long-term foundational strategy in mind. This business model is for anyone not afraid to build something real. And there are additional marketing channels available to speed up your goals (Social Media, PPC, FB Ads, etc.). But first start building it. Literally pick any niche and then dive in. You will learn about your best offers and ways to monetize the targeted traffic arriving at your authority blog. I will teach you and point to 100% trustworthy value that gets you there faster. Why not start now.

Do I need backlinks to rank on page one?

Yes, in most cases you will, however if a website already has enough quality backlinks and lots of great content, it is possible, and that is what happened for our client case study recently with proof above.

Are KGR keywords good for local SEO and ecommerce brand SEO campaigns?

Yes, so far, we have found some amazing KGR keywords in all local and branded niches we have encountered. But they are especially effective for passive income based niche sites too, such as those we provide in your done-for-you membership or SEO service provided by our Digital Specialist Co. team.

Can I resell the data?

No. We will 100% pursue anyone who violates these terms by reselling the data to the fullest extent of the law. You are free to apply the data to your own projects and client projects.

Can I Use KGR SEO To Get High-Ticket Digital Agency Sales?

Yes, I am closing several high-ticket SEO clients per month currently and all have a KGR component to their campaign. As a real reference I use during SEO Zoom sales calls there is a five-word keyword phrase, a highly relevant and super targeted to the prospect’s niche that gets 80 searches per month. When we searched in Google, it had 15.5 million sites with ANY combination of those words. But when we searched again “in quotes” or “allintitle” there were THREE!

Put it into an exciting perspective for your prospect, have them imagine how only three websites are competing with their business in all of Google and likely less in other search engines knowing that you can build KGR SEO into their campaign to get short term traction and results! Prove it to them. Show how your white hat KGR SEO approach can get them Google page #1 relatively fast too. Trust me, everyone will feel more confident about your SEO services including you!

Where is my membership hosted?

Your membership is built on Learn+ by It’s a terrific, trusted platform and we highly recommend it.

Why should I believe you Ryan?

– I own a growing company with amazing business partners and a special team of about 35 selling and fulfilling world-class multichannel marketing services to clients all over the world. We get consistent results that increase our client’s ROI, and my lovely wife Luisa is our CFO. ❤️

– I was recently the ‘VP of Fulfillment’ for nearly two years at

– Have been working from home full-time since 2015.

– Have helped sell and fulfill 80+ $2000-$25,000 monthly SEO projects in the last 3 years. (Check the ‘CEO’ page on – it may need updating there are more new clients.)

– Built my first website in 2006 using HTML and CSS and earned money Google Adsense and affiliate income. Have built 200+ websites since using WordPress, Drupal, etc. 

– Sold and developed my first $4500 website by hand delivering flyers in 2012 to a Super 8 Hotel and it is still online today!

– I recently had a Zoom multichannel marketing sales call with a 14 year old CEO who had full angel investor funding and early-stage Paypal employees on his management team. Amazing!

– Had another digital marketing sales Zoom call recently with a former NFL player, which was fun too!

– I am currently closing about 4-7 new high-ticket SEO and multichannel marketing deals each month including KGR SEO. In addition a some other online business projects in a few popular niches.

Hurry These Prices Cannot Last! Get In Now At The Lowest Price Ever! This Is A Brand New Offer And This Pricing Must Go Up Soon.


Get Instant Access To Our User-Friendly Membership Platform.

What is a single Google page #1 ranking worth to your self and business now?

Why do we keep a no refund policy?
Because you have no worries!


There are no refunds to help prevent anyone who would take advantage our brand and the data. Plus you cannot actually return it. You are receiving the raw KGR keyword data in 100% downloadable spreadsheet form. If there are download issues we will help promptly to resolve them. No worries, I promise you.

Feel free to try our customer service team at before purchasing, or call me directly at +1 (647) 979-2252 and I will be happy to help reassure you by answering all of your questions. To further faciliate your trust, simply sign up to our newsletter for your free daily KGR keyword. It won’t cost you money and you can get a better feel for our quality products and services.




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Exclusive Google Page #1 Research Done For You

We can help. Please get in touch with us here or at to discuss your exclusive KGR research or SEO campaign.


Exclusive Google Page #1 Research Done For You

We can help. Please get in touch with us here or at to discuss your exclusive KGR research or SEO campaign.


Exclusive Google Page #1 Research Done For You

We can help. Please get in touch with us here or at to discuss your exclusive KGR research or SEO campaign.

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